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                             Studying the Bible through a topical approach allows each subject to be supported by both Old and New Testament texts to permit each individual to draw a clearer understanding of God's word on the topic. Click to view a subject listed below.

Short topical studies
Chart of the Ages Explanation
Chart of the Ages Study
God Has A Plan And You Are In It!
Hope Beyond the Grave
Hope For A Fear Filled World
How to Study the Bible and Have It Make Sense
I Will Come Again
No One Is "Left Behind"
The Abrahamic Covenant Not The New Covenant
The Bible's Authorship
The Divine Plan ... And You!
The World's Greatest Trial
When Death Itself Will Die
 "But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.            To him be glory both now and for ever."  2 Peter 3:18 (KJV)
Article Titles --- Click the button to the left to read the listed titles' key texts and comments.
The Peace of God                         Power of Prayer                    Finally Be All of One Mind
Apostolic Advice                            In the Last Days                    What A Saviour
All Things are Pure                       The Royal Priesthood            Disciples of Christ 
Because the Days are Evil            Rejoice in the Lord Alway     Talents and Pounds
Full topical studies
The Divine Plan of the Ages Studies - This topical sixteen chapter Bible study covers the history of mankind from the creation, to his fall, and return to life and favor.  Listing of Chapters - Introduction,  Morning of Joy,  Intelligent Creator,  Light of Reason,  Dispensations,  Mystery Hidden,  Lord's Return,  Permission of Evil,  Day of Judgment,  Ransom & Restitution,  Natures Distinct,  Three Ways,  Chart of the Ages,  World's Kingdoms,  God's Kingdom,  Day of Jehovah, and Concluding Thoughts. 
Tabernacle Shadows Studies - The events dealing with Israel's Tabernacle in the Wilderness foreshadowed a better sacrifice spoken of in Hebrews chapter 10. This topical eight chapter study provides insight into the establishment of the Aaronic Priesthood and Israel's sacrifices pointing to Jesus' sacrifice and more. 
A Blessed Change
A New Year's Resolution
A Restitution of All Things
Beloved for the Sake of the Fathers
Do You Know?
Does God Care?
Einstein - Man of the Century
God's Harvest Times
God Is Love
Hark! Heaven's Angels Sing
Hatred in Religion
Israel's Jubilee
Jerusalem, A Cup of Reeling
Lead, Kindly Light, Amid the Circling Gloom
No One is "Left Behind" Love
The Fulfilling of the Law
On Being Saved!
Our Paschal Lamb
Peace in the Middle East and in the World
Pope Gives to All Injured by the Church
Promises of His Coming
Receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
The Bible Today
The Birth of Christ Luke 2:8-20
The End of the World?
The End of Tyranny
The Fleeing Shadows
The Good News
The Three Worlds
The Vicar of Christ?
The World's Greatest Trial
To Know God's Word
The Trinity - Scripture or Tradition
What is the Will of God?
What is This World Coming To?
What Seek Ye?
Where are the Dead?
Why Kill Thy Brother?
For This Cause
Creation vs Evolution
God's Millennium 
The Truth About Hell
Where Was God on 9/11?
Divine Plan Studies
Tab. Studies
Grace and Know-ledge